Moooving pastures.

I have allowed this to fall by the wayside, but for good reason; library life got BUSY.

However, it’s about to get even more so!


I will begin a new job at a new library very soon where I will focus on Teen and YA programming.

I. Am. Thrilled.

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I grew up in a library with a librarian mother and even with that, by the time I because a tween/teen, I noticed that the library was no longer the exciting magical place it had been and was slowly becoming lackluster. There simply weren’t offerings for a patron my age. I wanted to keep visiting the library, I wanted to still love it, but it wasn’t making it easy for me.

I thought, I can only imagine how hard it must be for teens who didn’t grow up so attached and for the library to bring them in because, why? What was there to convince them?

Ever since then I decided to make it my mission to work on better offerings for teens through libraries.
I’ve worked in both adult and youth services, but never teen…until now. I’ll be starting as a YA services specialist in a couple weeks and will focus on programming and outreach for teens which is, like, basically my dream, so, yeah, you could say I’m looking forward to it.

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I’m so excited and hope that my efforts will make a difference for at least a few young patrons.

I can’t wait to see what I have to write about next, I envision it’ll be something along these lines:

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see what I did there?

Teen Titans Go! because, yay┬áteens, and batgirl…cuz….she’s a librarian…. and hilarious montage because that essentially sums up my life.

Likely my upcoming experiences will be more like what I just wrote; me explaining my lame jokes and puns to people way cooler than me.