Summer Reading craziness!

I have 3 drafts that I may never actually get around to finishing since they happened so long ago that event my notes don’t make much sense anymore, and aside from that, I have Pirates, Dogs (part 2), Pizza and Fourth of July (part 2)

My most recent storytime, session 2 of Fourth of July that just happened this morning was my largest storytime yet with about 80 people (though I lost count at one point because our clicker is broken *cries*)

One of our shelvers came up to me after and told me I’ve gotta stop because my following is getting too big. hahaha

Anyhow, today has been a VERY busy day with the world’s biggest storytime and 2 sessions of a VERY popular Robot Superhero program where kids got to make and decorate superhero characters out of electric toothbrushes that when finished and turned on dance and color! Think BristleBots but instead of using the motor and bristle end, we removed the bristle and build our robot around the handle of the toothbrush. Then we added golf pencils as feet and when you turn them on, they jitter jumble around and draw as they go! quite possibly the coolest part is that you can change the pencils out for chalk, or markers, or whatever!

There’s also a pretty neat engineering aspect to it in that you can modify the things you use to decorate it in order to make it react differently when you turn the motor on.






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