An appropriately warm storytime

Ok, so today’s theme for storytime was dragons and it felt like the room was full of dragons. or fire.

We like a fully immersive environment for our storytimes.


It didn’t help that one of the activities I picked was “Going on a bear hunt” but modified for dragons. I’m pretty sure that I looked SUPER convincing that I just ran for my life, dug under a wall, swam through a river, and climbed a mountain to get away from a dragon.

We also had a very rambunctious group today and it’s looking like we’re skewing towards younger kids for our preschool session again. I actually had to stop storytime, twice. I’ve never had to like, officially stop before. Today I put the book back down on the desk next to me and sat quietly until everything settled down again. It was a fantastic exercise in patience. However, as frustrating as it can be, I know that the kids are just kids and I very often hear from parents after some of the more trying sessions and the parents are always very kind and encouraging. It’s an incredible ego boost when teachers come up to me after and compliment my patience or say things like “I really like the way you did such and such to quiet them down and get their attention.” or whatever.


Anyhow! On to the stories!

The first book I did was “OH NO, Little Dragon!” by Jim Averbeck. I think it is such a stinkin’ cute book; the story, the art, the works. It talks about a little dragon who accidentally swallows some water which extinguishes his spark and stops him from blowing super neat fiery shapes. He does all sorts of silly stuff to warm himself up again but nothing works until his mama dragon helps out. Talk about warm fuzzies, ask the kids how they think Mama Dragon helped little dragon.  :3

After our first book we did the “Going on a bear hunt” but I replaced bear with dragon and basically did all the same things. We ran into a mountain, then a river, then some tall and short grass, and lastly a giant wall. we had to climb, swim, snake, and dig our way through, under, over, or around the obstacles until we finally came to a cave. We snuck, very very quietly into a cave so as not to wake the sleeping dragon and as we were all sneaking I loudly exclaimed AAHHCHHOOO!!!!! the kids faces were FANTASTIC! “OH NO!”  I shouted, “I WOKE UP THE DRAGON!  RUUUNN!!!!”

so then we frantically went back the way we came, swimming, climbing, snaking, digging as fast as we possibly could until PHEW! we made it!

After catching our breath and a little smoothing out and straightening of my hair (what can I say, I got really into it) we settled in for our next book, “Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin. I like to read this book as a half flannel story. The book has a few lists in it which make for excellent flannel pieces. I made flannel pieces for the salsas, good ingredients, and taco transportation devices (pants-load of tacos, anybody?)

Pantloads of tacos

Pantloads of tacos

I like adding the flannel aspect as I think it gives the kids more chance to interact with the story but I’m not a great storyteller, so having the actual book gives me some guidance and support as well. I’ve read this book before, and posted about it, but I kind of adore the book and the art so worth another go round for me. 🙂

Our craft was a super cute and clever craft tube dragon! I wish I could take credit for the idea, BUT I can’t, it’s all over teh interwebs. I did snap a picture of mine but I can’t find it now, so here’s and example with a link to directions:



click for instructions


These were adorable and the kids ran around the library after “breathing fire” by blowing through the non-firey end.

We also learned how to say Dragon in American Sign Language. I couldn’t find an image like I typically do but here’s a cute video!



Summer Reading craziness!

I have 3 drafts that I may never actually get around to finishing since they happened so long ago that event my notes don’t make much sense anymore, and aside from that, I have Pirates, Dogs (part 2), Pizza and Fourth of July (part 2)

My most recent storytime, session 2 of Fourth of July that just happened this morning was my largest storytime yet with about 80 people (though I lost count at one point because our clicker is broken *cries*)

One of our shelvers came up to me after and told me I’ve gotta stop because my following is getting too big. hahaha

Anyhow, today has been a VERY busy day with the world’s biggest storytime and 2 sessions of a VERY popular Robot Superhero program where kids got to make and decorate superhero characters out of electric toothbrushes that when finished and turned on dance and color! Think BristleBots but instead of using the motor and bristle end, we removed the bristle and build our robot around the handle of the toothbrush. Then we added golf pencils as feet and when you turn them on, they jitter jumble around and draw as they go! quite possibly the coolest part is that you can change the pencils out for chalk, or markers, or whatever!

There’s also a pretty neat engineering aspect to it in that you can modify the things you use to decorate it in order to make it react differently when you turn the motor on.