Messy messy, gross gross gross

This storytime these was all about getting dirty and cleaning up. (and then sometimes getting dirty all over again)

I only went with 3 books to read this time even though I usually do 4 because of the many books I found that I enjoyed, the ones I liked the most were kind of long so I stuck to fewer titles. I read in this order

Smelly Bill, Love Stinks by Daniel Postgate

Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion

Pete the Cat, I Love my white Shoes by Eric Litwin

I also taught them the ASL signs for the words Messy and Gross


MESSY                                                         GROSS



Smelly Bill was cute and I liked the rhythm the story had to it, but I did find myself having some trouble reading it aloud even though I practiced; my tongue was twisted a few times. It was worth it though because it’s a very emotive story and has lots of fun illustrations. The story also has questions written right in so it’s great for interacting and strengthening those memories and observational skills!

After reading Smelly Bill, I asked the kids if they could think of another animal that sometimes rolls around in the muck and gets smelly and stinky. Both sessions, Monday and Thursday, stared back at me blankly…so I oinked. Monday’s group continued staring, but Thursday’s group all shouted PIGS! excitedly. I think Monday nights group were just a sleepy bunch this week. haha.

Once we had figured out they were pigs, I did a 5 little muddy pigs rhyme that I saw a few different places and modified just a tad to fit better for me.

Five Little Pigs

Five little pigs rolling in the mud (roll hands)
Squishy, squashy, squishy, squashy, feels so good. (make squishy hands)
The farmer came and took one little pig out.
‘Oink, Oink, oink,’ the pig did shout! (turn pig over to clean side)


Harry the Dirty Dog made its second appearance in storytime as I read it last year for my puppies storytime theme. I think Harry the Dirty Dog is just such a cute story though. It’s simple, the illustrations are both detailed and basic at the same time with not too many colors going on, I like it.

After Harry, we pretended to get muddy and dirty like he did and did a mud cake action rhyme! I saw this rhyme online as more of a song but because I’m the worst and refuse to sing in my storytimes (stage fright, sorry, kiddos.) I changed it up a bit and made it an active rhyme type fingerplay thing-a-ma-jig.  I made up a couple verses like on your head, on your knees, so on, but then asked the kids where else you could make a mud cake and then when we finished we tried to remember all the places we put mud and laughed at how messy we got  and I used the signs for messy and gross to remind them.

Here’s how I did my rhyme:


Make a Mud Cake

Make a mud cake in the mud mud mud
(pat hands together)

Digging, scooping, patting it’s just so fun!
(pretend to dig)

Make a mud cake on your head head head
(pat hands together)

Digging, scooping, patting it’s just so fun!
(pretend to dig)

Make a mud cake on your knees knees knees
(pat hands together)

Digging, scooping, patting it’s just so fun!
(pretend to dig)


After that we finished up our storytime with our last book, Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes. Again, Monday night, pretty quiet. I did get a few of them to guess a bit about what color his shoes turned, how the song might change, and things like that, but not much else. Thursday morning, however, was ALL about Pete. Who can blame them? This was my first time reading a Pete story for storytime; I had kinda been holding off and waiting for the “perfect” time, but heck, this was just great. I even did (kinda) sing I mean, it’s less singing and more chanting but whatever. With my Thursday crew I could have probably gotten away with not even opening my mouth on those pages because they were super into singing with me, yay!

I really dug this storytime even though I felt a bit frazzled while putting it together. As I was planning it, I didn’t feel like things were meshing well enough but I was wrong, I think it went really well. There were a couple other books and rhymes I had in my back pocket but didn’t use that I’ll list below, maybe I’ll use them if I do this theme again in the future.

Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman I loved this book but it oddly felt both too long and too simple. I would probably read it for this theme in the future if the other books I use are shorter in order to balance that one. I like the illustration style a lot though so I thought I’d mention it.

I also had another active rhyme up my sleeve that I didn’t use. I had envisioned getting out the scarves and doing it with that but I think I just had too many things going on already so I opted to leave it out. I’m really glad I did because it would NOT have flown with my Monday crew that week. In fact, even the muddy pig flannel barely went over, they were just very neutral all around. hah.

I saw this online someplace but can’t remember where, I’ll link to it if I recall where I found it, or if somebody out there knows, pass it along! 🙂

After my Bath

After my bath…I try, try, try
To rub myself till I’m dry, dry, dry
(pretend to rub body with a towel)

Hands to dry and fingers and toes (point to body parts)

Two wet legs and one shiny nose (point to body parts)

Just think how much less time it would take
If I were a dog and could shake, shake, shake!
(shake whole body)

So instead of pretending and just pointing, I had planned to use the scarves like towels and act it all out. I thought it’d be super cute and fun and adding a physical element like a shaker or a scarf to the rhymes not only makes them a whole new level of fun but it helps cement the concepts they’re learning by adding those extra crossovers in the brain as I’ve touched on before. (yay, science!)

I still have a few weeks of themes to finish writing up that are still in my drafts folder but I figured I’d get this one out as it had just finished and was feeling it. Next week is Mother’s Day so I’m looking for ward to that! 😀


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