Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Last Saturday we hosted a Sadako program at the library; October 25th is the anniversary of her death in 1955. Our program was presented by Ming the Magician. Ming and his wife and assistant, Barbara, came in and did a book talk and origami crane folding demonstration and class. Ming talked about the story of Sadako and why she folded paper cranes as well as the legacy she left behind. We also learned about the origin of origami and were each taught how to fold our very own paper crane.

The group we had was not huge, but for events like this, it’s nice to have a smaller crowd so that everybody gets some one on one hands on help if needed. Though the group was not very large, it was very varied, culturally and age wise, at least! I enjoyed very much watching the young and old learn together and got some great feedback about the program. Many of the attendees stayed after and chatted with Ming and Barbara about origami and

Here are some pictures of the event.


10629567_821893883114_5195807383926774947_n 10704070_821893748384_87362298031444564_n 10440091_821893798284_4626597829744033466_n 10407423_821893773334_7968220004939882225_n 10312453_821893833214_5822041056568184693_n 10355846_821893693494_3546521403062546601_n 1798546_821893658564_8581561932679307995_n 10417727_821893723434_2868047219072584806_n 10409110_821893588704_7757667432112312871_n 10426887_821893623634_245893457881191502_n



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