I’m not dead….yet!

It’s true, I’m alive! We’ve been on a break from storytime here at my library but we’ve still been busy what with getting ready for the Summer Library Program, yay!


bring on the registrants, we are caffeinated and mobile!


In fact, today is the official start and we are off and running! We’ve registered 86 kids in the first 3 hours, yowza!

This will actually be my first year doing the summer program at this particular library but I am MORE than familiar with the various aspects of summer reading / programs when it comes to libraries having worked at my fair share and used many growing up. I love that they all put their own little spin on things. Here we are doing something call “Top Ten” which is a list of activities or features of the library that are either well used or we wanted to highlight such as “Read a Book” or “attend a library program” or”use the tech farm”. Kids pick an activity from the list, complete it, then log it to claim this week’s prize. I love that it gives kids the option to make their summer program work best for them; maybe they aren’t big readers yet, or maybe they aren’t one for “computing” as one young gentleman informed me today.

“Hello!” said the youth department head, “Have you heard about our summer library program? Can we sign you up?”

“well, to be honest, I’m not really one for computing.”

 To which she informed him that if he changed his mind to let us know and with that he tipped his cap and said “Cheerio”  and was off on his merry way. No joke. This actually happened today and it made my morning. Loved that kid.

Anyhow, as I was saying, not everything appeals to every person and this gives people the chance to explore in their own way and make the library their own experience. Speaking of tech and computing, I will have my very first Storytime Plus (I still wanna call it StoryTech, but it’s already on the calendar as “storytime plus”. curse my slow creativity) in a week! Ahh, nerves! I have lots of ideas and am hoping they go over well but I’m also dreading the wrench(s) in the wheels that are bound to happen.

What do I do when the sound doesn’t work or the picture goes out or some kid comes and smacks at the very tempting smartboard causing the app to go haywire?!

*deep breath* I improvise and move on. At least I now have a hefty bit more storytime experience under my belt than when I first started here.  I know that if nothing else, I’ll have back up books and other fun stuff to make up for any technological failures.

Speaking of storytime, We’re back on track with our summer session starting Monday; I hope that the return is berry, berry fun.  😉



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