Royal Reading

So in my Thursday morning session I have a little girl who doesn’t just turn around and round during our welcome rhyme, she turns around and round “LIKE  A PRINCESS!” she doesn’t just jump on her two shoes, she jumps “LIKE A PRINCESS!”

It’s kind of amazing.

It seems as though all her goals and hopes are for everything to be princess related, including the books we read in storytime. I’ve been wary of doing a princess themed storytime since it may very well be a bit too girly for the dudes, but I think I finally managed to find a way for her to get her princess fix.

I’ve decided to have a Royal Storytime!

I had SO MANY books to wade through; princes, princesses, kings, queens, dragons, knights, sheesh!

I finally settled on 4 books though:

“King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub” by Audrey Wood
“Princess Dinosaur” by Jill Kastner
“Night Knight” by Owen Davey
and “Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose” by Nancy Gow.


I started both sessions off with “Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose”. This was a new book for me, but I fell in love with it right away. It has a great rhythm to it and it’s a fun story with a great message. The ending is super cute too,

“So if one fine day, you should happen to meet
a guy with a schnoz and a gal with big feet,
don’t jump to conclusions, try not to be mean….
…for you might have bumped into
a king and a queen!”

The kids in both groups seemed to quite enjoy it  and I think the parents liked it too, in fact, I feel like I had a lot of parent interaction with this theme this week. I saw parents doing the welcome rhyme, parents answered me when I sat down and said hello and asked the kids how they were, and parents made the craft! Actually, parents often make crafts, and I don’t blame them.

In the first session on Monday night, I read “King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub” as my second book. It’s a fun read because you ask a question at the end of each page:  “Oh who knows what to do?!” and the kids are all “uhm, I don’t know” or shout out silly ideas, it’s fun. 🙂 For my Thursday group I had planned on keeping the same schedule, but somebody asked if it was time to read the dinosaur book yet so I figured, sure, why not. On both Monday and Thursday I asked the kids if they thought that a Dinosaur could be a Princess and they all thought “no way!” so then we read the book and some of them were then convinced that she was a princess, while others still thought no way.  I took that opportunity to sneak in some “you can be whatever you want to be” type messages because, hey, encouragement right? 🙂  After the first two books, it was Rhyme Time! I found a cute rhyme online in a few different places that I used as the base for this one.

Here is the Castle

Here is the castle tall and wide. (Lift arms for tall and wide)
Lets open the doors to see what’s inside (open doors)
Here is the Queen from her throne she’ll wave (royal wave)
Here is the King he is very brave (puff chest bravely)
Here is the Prince with his feathered cap (take off hat, bow)
Here are his boots which go tap, tap, tap (tap feet)
Here is the Princess with her golden crown (place crown on head)
Here is her lovely blue ball gown (curtsy)
Here is the dragon, listen to him roar (roar)
Here are his wings to help him soar (soar)
So many wonderful things in this land (spread arms wide)
Being a Royal sure is grand!

Monday’s group only did it once, which is fine, but Thursday’s group did it twice with me; once to get the hang of it, and then the second time we did it REALLY FAST which elicited many giggles and squeals.

Once we got all that out of our systems, we sat back down for more books; on Monday we did Princess dinosaur as our last book, but on Thursday we did king Bidgood and then we had time for Night Knight which we didn’t do on Monday.

Monday I tried to play a song that we could dance with our ribbons to, but it kinda bombed, so I skipped it on Thursday and just gave them the ribbons to use during our action rhyme and to hold on to if they wanted. I think I’ll save the music and dancing for another type of storytime that I have brewing up and stick to books, rhymes, and crafts for the time being.

I originally thought it would be neat to do King Bidgood as a flannel, but didn’t have time to make one but I think it’d work well so I might make one anyway and just use it later down the line or offer it up for another age group.

The craft we did were paper plate crowns. I had a volunteer (yay!) cut up a bunch of paper plates ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to explain how to do it or monitor small children using scissors.  I’ve seen the idea for paper plate crowns and similar crafts all over the internet, but I think this site has an excellent example and is the one I used for my craft.

I had a couple parents comment on how creative this craft was and I know the kids really liked it so I might try using the plates again for other crafts because there are SO many!

Unfortunately, and I was super disappointed about this, but what can you do, my princess fan didn’t make it to storytime this week! 😦 😦 😦  Luckily, though, there were a couple girls that happened to be wearing princess dresses so yay!


Next week we have a break from storytime, but the week after is getting close to Easter so I am getting excited for bunnies bunnies bunnies!

I might need to plan a game with eggs too, should be fun! 😀


Easter bunny rabbit border





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