*YAWN* is it bedtime yet?

After a loud and rowdy theme last week, and a small oops in the printed schedule which listed “pajama storytime” as happening during one of my preschool sessions, I thought it’d be a good idea to tone it down a bit and do a Bedtime Storytime.


Unfortunately, I didn’t find many activities or rhymes about sleeping and bedtime that I was all that in to. Sure, there’s the 10 in the bed and monkeys jumping on beds and stuff like that, but I get tired of doing number and counting rhymes all the time and I think the kids do to. Variety is the spice of life, right? I did find one rhyme that I remember from my childhood (or at least a very similar version) and it’s is a little longer than some and has lots of good rhymes and actions and is cute to boot!

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Teddy bear teddy bear, look around
Teddy bear teddy bear, touch the ground
Teddy bear teddy bear, shut the door
Teddy bear teddy bear, reach up high
Teddy bear teddy bear, touch the sky
Teddy bear teddy bear, shut the door
Teddy bear teddy bear, count to four
Teddy bear teddy bear, touch your nose
Teddy bear teddy bear, touch your toes
Teddy bear teddy bear, climb in bed
Teddy bear teddy bear, rest your head
Teddy bear teddy bear, pull the covers to your chin
Teddy bear teddy bear, I’ll tuck you in
Teddy bear teddy bear, make a wish
Teddy bear teddy bear, goodnight kiss
Teddy bear teddy bear, turn off the light
Teddy bear teddy bear, say good night

I love that rhyme and remember saying it often with my mother. there are about 5847935 versions of it out there and each one is just as cute. I think the kids quite enjoyed it as they got to pretend to do all sorts of things and who doesn’t love seeing a room full of preschoolers blow kisses to you or one another. (awww)

Aside from that rhyme though, I basically just read books, and LOTS of them! There are probably twice as many picture books about bedtime and sleeping as there are versions of “teddy bear teddy bear” so it’s hard to narrow it down. I wish I A: was more confident in my singing voice, or B: could just sing better because so many of them have singing in them and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve tried, trust me, it doesn’t end well. For better or for worse, leaving out any song books sure does narrow it down a bit, but even after that, it was still hard to pick!

I ended up with 5 books and thought that we would probably only read 3 or 4 tops and that I would let the kids help me decide which ones we read, but they were voracious! In my Monday session, we read all 5 books! 2 of them were a bit shorter so they were quick, but still! sheesh! On Thursday we only read 4 since one little girl really wanted to take one of the books home on Monday and since I knew we had another copy, I let her (even if we didn’t I still would have, you can’t say no!) Sadly, I wasn’t able to find our other copy though so Thursday’s session was shorted a book, but that’s ok because there seemed to be something in the air that day; they didn’t want to do anything but read those 4 books, even the rhyme didn’t sound all that interesting to them though they did like it once we did it.

Ultimately, I wasn’t super happy with this theme. I thought it would be cute, but it just didn’t seem to hit home very well. Maybe I picked the wrong books, or maybe the stars just weren’t aligned properly. I did have a couple kids that were really into it and a parent that complimented me on it, but I dunno. I may revisit “sleeping” or “bedtime” at some point down the road, but it seems like it’ll need a bit of an overhaul; maybe I should have done 10 in the bed or monkeys, but that’s what happens when you step outside the norm, you learn! If nothing else, I learned that this was not what I would call a wildly successful storytime. Oh well, onward and upward, right?

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for next week, I was thinking spring, but I think I want to save that for a couple weeks from now. Saint Patrick’s day is in two weeks and I’ve already got that planned out (basically). Either way, I’m getting antsy for warmer weather and thunderstorms.

Ooh! maybe I will do something spring-y after all…





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